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[Issue 218] Thread Confinement One of the techniques we use to ensure that a non-threadsafe class can still be used by multiple threads is to give each thread its own instance. We call this "thread confinement". In this newsletter we look at some of the issues that can happen when this instance leaks. [Issue 217b] Parallel Parking (Follow-up) Heavily contended concurrent constructs may benefit from a small pause after a CAS failure, but this may lead to worse performance if we do more work in between each update attempt. In this follow-up newsletter, we show how adding CPU consumption can change our performance characteristics.
[Issue 217] Parallel Parking What is faster? Synchronized or Atomic compare-and-set? In this newsletter we look at some surprising results when we run Java on the new i7 chip. [Issue 216] Book Review: Good Math Software engineers need to have a good understanding of mathematics. In this newsletter, we review a book written by a geek and aimed at the geek who wants to discover interesting facts about maths.
[Issue 215] StampedLock Idioms Java 8 includes a new synchronization mechanism called StampedLock. It differentiates between exclusive and non-exclusive locks, similar to the ReentrantReadWriteLock. However, it also allows for optimistic reads, which is not supported by the ReentrantReadWriteLock. In this newsletter, we look at some idioms on how to use this new synchronizer. [Issue 214] CountingCompletionService CompletionService queues finished tasks, making it easier to retrieve Futures in order of completion. But it lacks some basic functionality, such as a count of how many tasks have been submitted.
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